One key mission of the Estonian Institute is to be a reliable and professional partner for international collaboration and promoting the Estonian culture abroad.  In such cases, the role of the Estonian Institute is coordinating ideas and professionals and work with the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Over the years the Estonian Institute has published dozens of information booklets and periodicals about Estonia, compiled web pages, organized festivals, exhibitions, conferences and seminars, received journalists, researchers and lecturers, granted scholarships, dispatched lecturers of Estonian language and culture to universities abroad and supplied the study centres with relevant material. An overview of past events can be found in the News section.

Here are some of Estonian Institute’s biggest partners and collaborators.

International activities


Estonian Institute with its collaborators and partners owns a wide international scope and knowledge to advise Estonian branches, culture promoters and other parties in the culture sector to implement projects and strengthen the international professional network.

Estonian Institute will:

  • advise and help with additional funding from funds in Estonia and Europe
  • create various content: both universally and taking the necessary regional context into account (exhibitions, seminars, guest speakers, digital events)
  • continue to deliver informational materials about Estonia and Estonian culture in print as well as digitally
  • mediate cultural contacts and possibilities to organisations, development centres etc
  • counsel Estonian branches (embassies, consulates) in cultural issues, initiate and help with various cultural undertakings

Estonian Institute’s branches abroad

As of 2023 the Estonian Institute has a branche in Hungary.

More about the story of the Estonian Institute in Hungary.
Website of the Estonian Institute in Hungary

EUNIC Global representation in Estonia


Estonian Institute is an active member in the EUNIC Global Network. 

EUNIC (European National Institutes for Culture) works in clusters, which are formed by international Culture Institutes (such as Goethe Institute, French Institute etc.) and Embassies/Missions in each country or region. EUNIC is represented worldwide in more than 90 countries and currently embodies around 120 clusters. One country can accommodate several regional clusters – in Estonia currently the Tallinn cluster is active, which presidency is formed in 2021-2022 the French Institute in Estonia, Estonian Institute and Goethe Institute in Estonia. EUNIC works to promote the multi-faceted European culture worldwide and to initiate and promote collaboration. EUNIC gives its members a chance to work on international collaboration and enhance its members (country’s) voice and visibility both in and out of Europe.

Current strategy for EUNIC Global can be found here. 

Most current events about Tallinn cluster and its members can be found on Facebook.