Dear participants of Culture Step!

We have received a lot of questions from you, so this page will give you some more information about the programme. Please read it with attention and if you have more questions please feel free to contact us via email:

1. Why is Culture Step program free?
The project is funded by the European Social Fund through the Estonian Integration Foundation.  However, although this program is free for participants, we have to pay for each event. Therefore we kindly ask you, once registered, please complete the program, because that’s how we get the funding. We won’t get funding if you drop out. 
2. What is the aim of this program?
To give foreigners who live in Estonia more information about the Estonian culture, society, habits, foods etc. This involves different lectures, workshops and visits. Each participant will collect stickers (1 hour =1 sticker) into their Culture Step Passports. To graduate, you will have to collect 25-30 stickers.
2. Can I just take all long trips and skip the shorter events, to earn my stickers quicker?
We expect one participant to take a selection of different events – 1-2 longer trips, 2-3 museum visits, 2-3 urban events. Each event will give you a certain number of stickers
3. I would love to participate at all events. Can I earn more than 30 stickers?
Unfortunately you cannot. We have to make sure everyone will attend equal amount of events. However, if there are still places left at some events, we will advertise it on FB and then you can come along. There is also a possibility to come along and pay for your own direct costs. Please coordinate it with organisers.
4. Can I take my partner/child with me?
This program is meant for participants only. However, you can take your pre-school age child with you if they will not disturb other participants. Non-participant adults and older children have to pay for their own costs if there are any costs involved. This has to be agreed with organisers beforehand.
5. What happens if I have collected all 25-30 stickers required?
You will be entered into a prize draw. Prizes will be tickets to different cultural events, trips, books and other such things which will make the Estonian culture even more known to you.
6. I have no time to participate at events very often. Is there another way to earn stickers?
Stickers can also be earned by reading additional materials (sent to you via email) before the events and then participating at quizzes and question-games during or after the events.
7. I can’t make it to an event. What will happen?
Please inform us at least 2 days beforehand, so we can find someone else to replace you.