Három Holló
Piarista köz 1
Budapest, Hungary

19.11.2018 19:00

The exhibition “Arvo Pärt. Renowned and Unknown”, exhibited recently at the Budapest Art Palace (Müpa), will travel to the Három Holló Cultural Centre on November 19.

At the reopening of the exhibition, Duo SeRa will perform excerpts from Arvo Pärt’s “Für Anna Maria” and Erkki-Sven Tüür’s “Prints”. The members of the duo are doctoral students of the Hungarian Academy of Music, Erzsébet Seleljo (saxophone) and Anastasia Razvalyaeva (harp). After the concert, a conversation will be held in which Arvo Pärt’s music will be approached from the unusual point of view: with the help of composer Péter Zombola, the (rare) critical views towards Arvo Pärt’s music will be introduced with a purpose to rebut all these claims.

The Hungarian version of the exhibition compiled by the Estonian Museum of Theatre and Music was born from the support and cooperation between the Estonian Institute in Hungary and the Estonian Music Development Centre. The exhibition presents an overview of the eventful life of the composer, starting with Arvo Pärt’s childhood up to the present-day whilst giving a sense of the concepts of his music. The curators of the exhibition are Kristo Matson and Marge Raun. The exhibition is part of the Estonia 100 programme and remains open until December 7.

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