KeelEST will be held from September 21 to 27 and is focusing on tastes, food culture and (Estonian) cuisine.

The activities of the language week include the following initiatives:

1) virtual language café – language roulette

2) virtual language cooking school – cooperation with a food blogger – in KeelEST social media channels you will find one video every day in plain Estonian, with recipes in Estonian, Russian and English;

Short videos of the preparation of national dishes of the participating teams at the Bocuse d’Or 2020 in Tallinn.

3) café conversations in Estonian, where language learners can practice café and food-related expressions with volunteers; Cafes Komeet, Maiasmokk, Werner, Gustav and Reval Cafe will open their doors.

4) Language gourmet on the 23rd of September in cooperation with restaurant Gloria: Doris Kareva’s poetry, violin music from the Magic Strings and a symbiosis of tastes.

5) we are inviting everyone to globally organize and record food-related language lessons, (joint) cooking, morning-lunch-dinners, during which words, expressions are learned, and conversation topics are developed. Blogs, language maps, and all digital environments can help.

Let’s make food or prepare some (Estonian) dish according to an Estonian recipe. Describe yourself or ask the participants to describe in Estonian the ingredients of the recipe, the taste of the food, its preparation or even the company you are participating with.

Capture a small video clip of the event or save it as a picture (please add a description in Estonian), find our event on Facebook and make it public with the topic reference #keelest2020.

5) Go to and mark your participation in the language week on the world map

The Estonian Institute is asking for feedback on your possible plans and activities by September 10

Bon appetite for the Estonian language!