European Commission’s Representation in Hungary
Lövőház u. 35, Budapest
11 Dec at 19

A talk show “Education for the Future” will be held at the European Commission’s Representation in Hungary, which seeks to answer the question: what is needed in order for today’s children to be successful?

The conversation will discuss, among other things, which teaching methods and teaching materials to use so that current students’ knowledge will be competitive also after 15–20–30 years. The discussion includes both domestic and Estonian trends, pedagogical methods, and the role of teachers in the whole process.

With the help of our Estonian guest, we are trying to find out what could be the reason that Estonia achieved the best results in Europe in the PISA test last year. What is the secret of the Estonian educational system and what can be learned from Estonians?

Gunda Tire – PISA Coordinator (Foundation Innove, Tallinn)
József Balatoni aka Onu Jocó – pedagogue
Bálint Drahota-Szabó – founder of UP Centre

The conversation is translated.
The event will be organized with the European Commission’s Representation in Hungary.


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