Rikhardinkatu Library, Lukusali (3rd floor)
Rikhardinkatu 3, Helsinki

16.05.2019 17:00

Over 20 million books are sold in Finland every year. That’s an average of four books per person, to that we must add that each Finn borrows 21 library books per year. Around a fifth of all the books published in Finland are translations. Around 60% are from English, Swedish holds the second place at around 10–14%.

In the world’s most literate nation is there a place for literature from other European Union countries? What EU books are translated and what are not? Can a bestseller trigger interest in other books from the same country? Thirteen experts and moderator Juha Hietanen tackle the issue of translation of EU literature into Finnish.

Estonia is represented by a long-time and well-experienced translator Hannu Oittinen.

Organized in collaboration with Rikhardinkatu Library and Austrian Embassy, Balassi Institute, Embassy of Romania, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain, Embassy of the Republic of Latvia, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania, Embassy of the Slovak Republic, Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Estonian Institute, Goethe Institut, Italian Cultural Institute, Publishing Hungary.

Free and open to all. The language of the event is Finnish.

Additional information:
Head of the Estonian Institute in Finland, Sanna Immanen
+358 40 515 0085