Since 2008, “12 Questions About Estonia” has been one of Estonian Institute’s popular publications but as times change, new questions arise and new answers emerge. Thus we have published the new version with a new appearance – so far only in English, with other languages following shortly.

Why don’t Estonians cry wolf? And why do they end up doing everything together if they just want to be alone? And after all, where do they disappear to for the summer? Now there are answers to these and several other questions that have left foreigners and newcomers bewildered. It could be a nice gift to friends and relatives back home, or for reminiscing the time spent in Estonia. Or rather even for dreaming of the future when travel restrictions are gone. It could also be a playful introduction for someone that has just arrived in Estonia and is feeling like a stranger here.

The guide is an A5 sized paperback with 46 pages worth of text by Andris Feldmanis and Estonian Institute, illustrations by Ingel Martin and coloured photos by some renowned Estonian photographers. Overall design by Erkin Antov. 

Until March 14th, the day of Estonian language, the price for the booklet is 5€ + postage rate (it is simple to mail via post). An even simpler way to get it is to come to our office on Suur-Karja 14 but make an appointment beforehand to be sure the doors are open! All questions and orders at tellimine@estinst.ee.