Tapiola LibraryKulttuuriaukio 2,

02100 Espoo, Finland

03.03.2018 17:00

Where do Estonians and Finns come from? Where are our roots and what kind of society do we live in today?

What is important to us and what should be important? What is there to talk about books and writers in today’s world, where longer texts are difficult to read?

At the literary evening, the beloved Estonian and Finnish writers Kätlin Kaldmaa and Juha Hurme talk. The conversation is moderated by Erik Söderblom, Director of Espoo City Theatre. The literary evening is part of the programme of the Espoo City Theatre’s Estonian weeks, the partner of which is the Estonian Institute.

Juha Hurme is a writer, theatre director and director, whose work “Niemi” won the Finlandia Prize in 2017. Kätlin Kaldmaa is a freelance Estonian writer, poet, translator and literary critic. Kätlin Kaldmaa has been the president of Estonian PEN since 2010 and in 2016 she was elected International Secretary of PEN International.


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