To make the Autumn even merrier, we have decided to publish the Autumn issue 2019 of Estonian Literary Magazine with two different covers. One version has a portrait of Tõnu Õnnepalu, and the other a portrait of Viivi Luik.
Their mesmerising interview “5+5” can be read on the pages 6–14.


2 A perfect Day by Veronika Kivisilla
6 5+5. A conversation between Viivi Luik and Tõnu Õnnepalu
15 Acre by Tõnu Õnnepalu
18 EWOD: A major new ongoing Estonian literary-cultural project
by Sven Vabar
20 The greatness of little things. An interview with
Birgita Bonde Hansen by Eva Velsker
28 Jaan Kross: When prison is the price of existence by Ian Thomson
32 Allan cameron: “There can never be too many books!”
36 Juhan Liiv: A search for the pure word by Mathura
40 You’ll never tire of boring things.
An interview with Meelis Friedenthal by Mihkel Kunnus
46 Anti Saar’s recipe for a great children’s book by Jaanika Palm
49 Pärt and the Plums by Anti Saar
52 The mystery of Andres Allan Ellmann
55 Poetry by Andres Allan
56 Book reviews by Taavi Hallimäe, Krista Kumberg, Siim Lill, Maarja Helena Meriste, Mari Niitra, Aare Pilv, Aro Velmet and Piret Viires

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