In a longer article, Sirje Olesk describes the life and work of our prominent writer and poet Ellen Niit, especially her contribution to Estonian children’s literature. Kerti Tergem from the Estonian Literature Centre interviews Krisztina Tóth, the acknowledged translator of Estonian literature into Hungarian. Piret Viires gives an overview about all literary awards issued in 2014.

Kärt Hellerma analyses the results of the novel competition. In the article „Eduard Vilde’s Modernisms and Modernities” Jason Finch and Elle-Mari Talivee examine various aspects about Eduard Vilde. Rein Raud talks about the relations between life and literature, difficult choices facing the writers during the Soviet era, and about his novel „Reconstruction“. Short outlines of recently published books are by Brita Melts, Rutt Hinrikus and Märten Rattasepp.

Table of contents:

4 Ellen Niit. A lyricist by nature
Sirje Olesk

12 Late, late again. A paradox of Estonian culture
Janika Kronberg

14 Eduard Vilde’s modernisms and modernities: moving towards an urban Estonia
Jason Finch and Elle-Mari Talivee

20 Some things cannot be helped
Rein Raud

26 Novel competition 2015. Clowns and schoolboys, not to mention a footballer in love
Kärt Hellerma

32 Estonian Literary Awards 2014
Piret Viires

34 Krisztina Lengyel Tóth. Plays with cats and words

38 The Girls, Alone: Six Days in Estonia
Bonnie J. Rough

40 Short outlines of books by Estonian authors


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