2 A path a quarter-century long by Krista Kaer
6 Humans, not eras, are either boring or compelling. An interview with David Vseviov by Toomas Kall
14 Autobiography: The First Two Weeks by David Vseviov
18 9+8. A conversation between Silvia Urgas and KMS
25 Poetry by Silvia Urgas and KMS
28 You only need one round to shoot an elk. An interview with Piret Jaaks by Heidi Aadma
34 Between Kross’s roundpole fences. An interview with the translators Frans van Nes and Jesse Niemeijer
41 Jaan Kross – The Estonian Ambassador
46 Memories of Jaan Kross: Mati Sirkel, Maima Grīnberga and Tiina Ann Kirss
50 Confronting silence with literature. An interview with Kätlin Kaldmaa by Igor Kotjuh
56 Andrus Kivirähk – the favourite author of young demanding readers by Jaanika Palm
59 Oscar and the Things by Andrus Kivirähk
62 Book reviews by Marek Tamm, Elisa-Johanna Liiv, Mari Niitra, Maarja Helena Meriste, Siim Lill, Pille-Riin Larm, Mihkel Kunnus, Helena Koch, and Taavi Hallimäe
78 Selected translations

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