The fresh number offers several portrait stories: Berk Vaher writes about his favourite writer, the luminary of  Estonian magic realism, Nikolai Baturin, Jan Kaus gives an overview of the colourful personality and creation of the European Union Prize for Literature laureate Paavo Matsin.

There is also an interview with one of the brightest Estonian writers of the recent years, Indrek Koff. The number of translation samples already increased in the previous edition, this trait is continued. Adam Cullen has completed three fresh translations: from Paavo Matsin’s book “The Gogol Disco”,  Indrek Koff’s “Saja rahva lood” (“Stories of a Hundred Nations”) and Mihkel Mutt’s work “Eesti ümberlõikaja” (“The Estonian Circumciser”).

In addition to portraits, one of the most interesting story writers of the recent years, Mait Vaik, writes about his five favourite books in the Estonian literature. Carolina Pihelgas gives an overview of the most influential female voices of Estonian poetry of the recent times, among them Eda Ahi, Helena Läks, Sveta Grigorjeva, Silvia Urgas and Kelly Turk. In the review section, the top works of Estonian prose in 2016 are covered. A closer look is cast on Eeva Park‘s “Lemmikloomade paradiis” (“Pets’ Paradise”), Maarja Kangro‘s “Klaaslaps” (“The Glass Child”), Katrin Johanson‘s “Atlantis abajas” (“Atlantis in a Cove”), Lauri Sommer‘s “Lugusid lõunast. 2012–2016” (“Stories from the South. 2012–2016”), and Tarmo Teder‘s “Andruse elu ja õnn” (“Andrus’ Life and Joy”). “Valitud omadused” (“Chosen Qualities”), the poetry collection by Triin Soomets and two collections by Billeneeve, “Sügis nagu lõppev suhe” (“An Autumn like an Ending Relationship”) and “Ühe aknaga maailm” (“A One-windowed WorldWorld”) are also glanced at.

The reviews were chosen and written by Jürgen Rooste and Peeter Helme. Contents: 2 Paavo Matsin’s performances Jan Kaus 12 The Gogol Disco Paavo Matsin 16 Indrek Koff – intuitively in-between modes of expression 24 Stories of a Hundred Nations Indrek Koff 28 Six Estonian short story writers throughout time. A personal insight by Mait Vaik 34 Five snow whites and not a single prince Carolina Pihelgas 39 Poems Sveta Grigorjeva, Helena Läks, Kelly Turk, Silvia Urgas, Eda Ahi 44 Nikolai Baturin: a celebrated stranger Berk Vaher 50 The Estonian Circumciser Mihkel Mutt 56 Book reviews Peeter Helme and Jürgen Rooste

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