Estonian Literary Magazine no 38 appeared for the time of the London book fair.

In the opening article, Valdur Mikita remembers Jakob Hurt’s efforts in collecting folk heritage, and discusses how and what should be collected and preserved today. Veiko Märka gives an overview Kaupo Meiel’s work as a writer and a journalist. Meiel’s poems were translated by Kalju Kruusa.

The British writer Jason Goodwin, a frequent visitor, writes about the annual literary festival HeadRead. The historian and writer Tiit Aleksejev reviews Meelis Friedenthal’s novel „The Bees“, which received an European Union literary award last year. Tarmo Jüristo’s article „Andrei Ivanov and the anti-hero of our time” tackles Ivanov’s work, as well as the topic of alienation more broadly.

As always, the magazine publishes short overviews of recent Estonian literary works, and also a list of Estonian fiction translated into foreign languages in 2013.

Table of contents:

4 The return of Jakob Hurt or how to get a shaman to use a smartphone
Valdur Mikita

10 Kaupo Meiel: Pärnu journalist and cosmopolitan poet
Veiko Märka

16 Poetry by Kaupo Meiel

18 HeadRead – a literary festival in Tallinn
Jason Goodwin

22 Meelis Friedenthal’s “The Bees”
Tiit Aleksejev

27 Andrei Ivanov and the anti-hero of our time
Tarmo Jüristo

32 Short outlines of books by Estonian authors
Britta Melts, Rutt Hinrikus, Maret Vaher, Arno Oja

46 Estonian literature in translation 2013
Compiled by the Estonian Literature Centre

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