The spring ELM 2013 starts with Peeter Helme’s overview of Sven Sildnik or Kivisildnik’s (b. 1964) life and work, including running his own publishing house Jumalikud Ilmutused (Divine Revelations), which has already issued over 50 books. In the next article Rein Veidemann interviews Jüri Talvet, who published an awesome research Juhan Liivi luule (Poetry of Juhan Liiv). Talvet himself has received the Liiv poetry award. The magazine presents a selection of Liiv’s poems as well.

Today’s poetry is represented by Maarja Pärtna, who is interviewed by Jayde Will. Jayde also translated some of her poems. Sirje Olesk tackled the topic Russians in Estonia, focusing on one of the most popular books of recent years, Sillamäe passion (The Passion of Sillamäe), by Andrei Hvostov.

There is information about the coming literary festival in Tallinn, HeadRead. Ilmar Lehtpere briefly introduces Kristiina Ehinäs new book 1001 talve (1001 Winters), by the American publisher The Bitter Oleander Press.

As always, Brita Melts, Rutt Hinrikus and Janika Kronberg offer short overviews of recent Estonian books. The magazine also includes the list of Estonian literature in foreign languages that appeared in 2012.

Table of contents:

4 From enfant terrible to heavy artillery man
Peeter Helme

8 Jüri Talvet on Juhan Liiv and his poetry
Rein Veidemann

12 Poetry by Juhan Liiv

16 Maarja Pärtna – thresholds and possibilities
Jayde Will

18 Poetry by Maarja Pärtna

22 Russians in Estonia, and the town of Sillamäe. Andrei Hvostov’s passion and misery
Sirje Olesk

26 HeadRead

27A new book by Kristiina Ehin

28 Short outlines of books by Estonian authors
Rutt Hinrikus, Brita Melts and Janika Kronberg

42 Estonian literature in translation 2012
Compiled by the Estonian Literature Centre

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