Estonian Literary Magazine spring issue 2012

In the opening article Peeter Helme introduces Indrek Hargla, hugely popular author of sci-fi and crime novels. Helme compares him with Terry Pratchett and Frences Hardinge. Hargla’s crime stories featuring apothecary Melchior, the ‘Estonian Poirot’, are especially successful. Some have already appeared in Finnish and will soon come out in French.

Yelena Skulskaya describes her colourful career as translator of Estonian poetry into Russian.

Arne Merilai and Jüri Talvet offer a comprehensive overview of the life and work of one of the major exile Estonian writers Arved Viirlaid. His best known novel, „Graves without Crosses” has been translated into Latvian, Lithuanian, Swedish, French, Spanish, English and Chinese.

Berk Vaher and Krista Kaer introduce two annual literary festivals, Prima Vista in Tartu and HeadRead in Tallinn.

Øyvind Rangøy, translator of Estonian literature into Norwegian, describes the 10th anniversary of the Estonian Literature Information Centre last December.

Ly Seppel and Kristiina Ehin publish their beautiful poems to their late husband and father Andres Ehin.

As always, ELM has short overviews of recently published Estonian literature.

Table of contents:

4 Indrek Hargla – master of magic and murders
Peeter Helme

7 Works by Indrek Hargla

8 A Poet Is a Donor Who Has to Give Blood
Yelena Skulskaya

12 Arved Viirlaid – a Fighter Without Compromise
Arne Merilai

16 A Tragedy on a Minor Stage of Europe’s History: Arved Viirlaid’s Story of the ’Finnish Boys’
Jüri Talvet

20 Books by Arved Viirlaid

22 Prima Vista – the people’s word festival of Tartu
Berk Vaher

26 Tallinn Literature Festival Headread
Krista Kaer

30 ELIC 10 years – Estonian literature two hundred, two thousand?
Øyvind Rangøy

35 Shortening the Candle’s Wick
Ly Seppel

36 Lament for My Father
Kristiina Ehin

40 Short Outlines of Books by Estonian Authors
Brita Melts, Rutt Hinrikus and Janika Kronberg

49 Estonian Literature in Translation 2011

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