Töölö Library
Topeliuksenkatu 6, Helsinki

23.02.2018 – 15.03.2018

From February 23, 2018, an Estonian Institute’s exhibition “Estonian History in Pictures” is opened in Helsinki. The exhibition introduces the most important events and key figures of Estonian history from the end of the ice age to the present day.

The exhibition “Estonian History in Pictures” introduces the most important events and key figures in Estonian history from 9000 BC to 2018 AD. The exhibition divides Estonian history into six periods, each period is divided between two panels. The panels include descriptive texts, photographs, and reproductions.

Time periods:

I 9000 BC – 1500 AD
II 1500–1900
III 1905–1940
IV 1940–1956
V 1956–1991
VI 1991–2018

Texts: Priit Raudkivi and the Estonian Institute
Graphic design: Angelika Schneider

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, the exhibition travels to several countries across the world in 2018.

The exhibition was compiled in 2017 by the Estonian Institute.
The process was supported by the Government Office of Estonia (Estonian presidency of the Council of the European Union and the EV100 international programme).