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23.11.2018 17:30

This autumn, Jaak Jõerüüt’s Finnish-language book “Viron lähettiläänä Suomessa ja muissa maissa” was published. The book is based on the work “Diplomat and Memory” published in 2004 and the revisions made in 2017–2018. Jõerüüt introduces the book and talks about his diplomatic career on November 23 at the Estonian House.

Jaak Jõerüüt started working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia in January 1993, and since then he spent four years as an ambassador to Finland and four years as an ambassador to Italy. Jõerüüt has also been the Estonian ambassador to Malta and Cyprus. Between the foreign assignments, he has worked as a Chief of Protocol and Chief Inspector at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tallinn, and in 2004, he started as a Permanent Representative of Estonia to the United Nations in New York.

The book “Viron lähettiläänä Suomessa ja muissa maissa” is based on the writer’s memoirs related to the work of the ambassador in Finland and other countries. “This is my personal experience of how a person will become a diplomat overnight due to the turning of the wheel of history and what he feels, thinks and sees,” said Jõeüüt.

The evening will be opened by Sanna Immanen, the head of the Estonian Institute in Finland, and finished by a historian, writer and publisher Jari P. Havia, who talks about the Association of Estonia-Societies in Finland, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

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