Cinema K-13
Kanavakatu 12, Helsinki

28.03.2019 18:00

Lennart Meri (1929–2006) would have turned 90 years old on March 29, 2019. On the occasion of the anniversary, a documentary ‘Mina, Lennart Meri’ (1993) will be screened at Katajanokka cinema K-13 in Helsinki on March 28.

The chronicle film is about the crucial months (23 Apr – 6 Oct 1992) in the life of Lennart Meri, when Estonia’s first post-war ambassador to the Republic of Finland made it to the presidential chair. The camera observes Lennart Meri in his attractiveness and controversialness while running errands, during the election campaign and at home. Viewers have been given an opportunity to shape their own vision of the first president of Estonia’s second period of independence. The film uses materials from Estonian, Finnish and Icelandic television archives. The author of the film is Andres Sööt.

At the lobby of cinema K-13, there is a new Estonian Institute’s mini-exhibition about Lennart Meri – ‘Terävä katse, terävä kynä’, which shows the president as a good talker with amusing use of words. The exhibition includes a guest book, where visitors can write their memories of Lennart Meri and greetings for the archives.

Admission is free. After the screening, guests are served a birthday cake, so please register your participation until March 25 at

The film evening takes place in cooperation with the Estonian Institute, the Association of Estonia-Societies in Finland, the Tuglas Society and the Estonian Embassy.


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