Estonian Institute and Integration Foundation invite all Estonian language learners to use smart applications, online courses and everyday communication in their language learning.

Watch the video for Worldwide Estonian Language Week 2020 and see how you can spend a fine Sunday learning Estonian from a food recipe, your neighbor, a seller, etc.  Watch for yourself how the story ends.

In the video the main character uses the following language learning environments:


You can find KeelEST video with English subtitles here:


Video script and director: Liina Särkinen
Camera and editing: Jaanus Pärnpuu

Melik Demirel
Ingmar Kiviloo
Liina Sala

Special thanks to all the organizations and individuals who contributed to the making of this video:

Integration Foundation
Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia
Dimitri Demjanov and restaurant Gloria
Brage by ÉSTIE
Heidy Eskor-Kiviloo

The video can be used for educational purposes and to introduce Estonia. Use of any part of the video for commercial purposes is prohibited.