Tampere-Tartu Society
Suvantokatu 13 Tampere Finland
07.02.2017 – 27.02.2017

“The Ambassadors of Estonian Theatre”, the photo exhibition of the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum, introduces outstanding actors, singers and dancers, who have performed in theatres all over Estonia.

Several of them have become famous in Finland and other foreign countries, becoming the ambassadors of Estonian culture as a result.

25 artists of word, dance, and music theatre mediate the history of Estonian theatre through their person: thoughts, events and colleagues.

Estonian professional theatre is 110 years old. Compared to the big renowned theatre countries it is still very young, but has obtained lots of experiences, variety and colours due to different regimes over its history.

The exhibition “Of Great Stature”, which was meant to introduce the sculpture collection of the museum, opened in the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum in spring 2015. Now the “Great Statures” have become “Ambassadors”, who send greetings over the sea, maintain relationships and invite all the guests to familiarise themselves with Estonian theatre.

The exhibition was compiled by Annely Voitka, Ele Pajula, Kirsten Simmo, Kristiina Kiis, Madis Mikkor, Maris Rosenthal, Mart Laul, Simmo Priks and Tanel Veeremaa.

Designers: Kärt Einasto and Joonas Rumvolt


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