The next Estonian Song and Dance Celebration is going to take place in 2019. But how? Or where? And how do I know if I am invited?


If there is anything you have ever wanted to know about the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration, the Estonian Institute invites you to fill out the following inquiry form, and ask us. And at the same time help us with our next book.

We are planning on publishing an English-language booklet (in Q&A format) next year, to provide vital and practical information about the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration in an entertaining and reader-friendly manner.

So, we would be grateful if you take time to answer the following questions. It would help in choosing the direction to take and compose a booklet with the most important questions and answers about the Celebration.

Please find the inquiry here: https://goo.gl/forms/zFomGnEdE8p333u83

For further information you are always welcome to contact the Estonian Institute at einst@einst.ee.

Thank you!



Photo by Mikk Mihkel Vaabel