04.10.2018 – 05.12.2018

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Estonia, it is possible to see the best Estonian films of the last 100 years in Helsinki and throughout Finland. The series “Viro 100 -elokuvat” features films that are in one way or another important in Estonian film history.

Screenings in Helsinki

The films in the series “Viro 100 -elokuvat” curated by screenwriter, director and film critic Jaak Lõhmus can be seen at the Orion cinema in Helsinki from October 4 until December 5, 2018.

The first films of Estonia will be shown, including A Trip through Setomaa (1913) and Bear Hunt in the Pärnu County (1914) by Johannes Pääsuke, a trick film Tallinn Market (1926) by Konstantin Märska and Vilsandi Bird Kingdom (1937) and From the Livonian Coast (1940) by Vladimir Parvelin.

The programme also includes The Real life of Johannes Pääsuke (2019) by Hardi Volmer, The Spring (1969) by Arvo Kruusement, November (2017) by Rainer Sarnet, Young Eagles (1927) by Theodor Luts, In the Crosswind (2014) by Martti Helde, Naughty Curves (1959) by Kaljo Kiisk and Juli Kun, Georgica (1998) by Sulev Keedus, The Ideal Landscape (1980) by Peeter Simm, Autumn Ball (2007) by Veiko Õunpuu and Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel (1979) by Grigori Kromanov.

Learn more about the schedule and tickets: https://kavi.fi/fi/elokuvasarja/viro-100

DVD rental all over Finland

Through the Estonian Institute in Finland, the DVDs of most of the films screened in Helsinki’s movie theaters can be rented. It gives educational institutions, libraries, societies and others a good opportunity to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia by watching movies.

More information about the rental will soon be available on the website of the Estonian Institute in Finland: https://www.viro-instituutti.fi

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