The Estonian Institute is well known for its activities abroad. In September 2018, the Estonian Institute will start a new project “Culture Step“ in Estonia. It offers study trips, lectures and discussions for non-native residents and immigrants in Tallinn and Harju county. It will include visits to places where Estonians go, show aspects of Estonian culture, enable people get to know locals and to establish local connections.

The number of foreigners living in Estonia is increasing steadily, and for many the Estonian customs and traditions are alien. Surveys show that migrants have difficulties in learning Estonian and integrating into Estonian society. Participation at cultural programs and having contacts with local people improves integration.

The project will last for more than one year and 250 people can participate. Each participant will attend five lectures/workshops and study trips. The project is partnered with local cultural establishments and NGOs (Estonian Open Air Museum, Estonishing Evenings, Museum of Estonian Architecture, Museum of Tallinn, Linnalabor etc.), as well as including Estonian volunteers. If you wish to participate as a volunteer, please email: estinst@estinst.ee.

The Estonian Institute will celebrate its 30th birthday next year. During this time, it has published numerous booklets on Estonian life and culture. Perhaps the most well-known amongst these is “12 questions about Estonia” which has been translated into 13 languages. Culture.ee portal gives up-to-date information about cultural events in English, Estonian and Russian. The Estonian Institute hopes that participating in this new program will encourage foreigners to take their first steps into Estonian culture.

You can register online here

The project is funded by the European Social Fund through the Integration Foundation.

More information:

Valeria Mihhailova, valeria.mihhailova@estinst.ee (Russian)

Lea Kreinin, lea.kreinin@estinst.ee (English)