1 Let’s refuse to be what we are (supposed to be)!
Airi Triisberg

5 Eva gives birth to earth
Johannes Saar

7 Around the Golden Soldier
Agne Narusyte

10 An artist and his double
Anu Allas

13 Work-based solidarity is killed
Interview with Eiki Nestor

16 Forum Marge Monko

18 Art and Identity: The Soviet Woman in Estonian Art
Michael Schwab

21 The queue as a social statement
Maria-Kristiina Soomre

24 Five pictures of Flo Kasearu
Kaido Ole

28 The avant-garde is not dead
Interview with René Block

30 Politics of pop art: a private dream or a social practice
Mari Laanemets

34 Ideological and poetic topic of land in the 1930s. Eerik Haamer
Tiina Abel

38 Russian artists in Estonia
Interview with Nikolai Kormašov

43 Leila Pärtelpoeg and the Soviet antique
Mart Kalm

48 Public urban space in the new centre of Tartu
Henn Runnel

51 National kitsch
Interview with Andres Tolts

54 Exhibitions

56 New books

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