1 People, art and the human environment
Laura Kuusk

5 Emancipation(s)
Airi Triisberg

8 The code-breaking artist Kristina Norman
Andreas Trossek

12 Reality strikes back
Oudekki Loone

15 Deceptive pictures and revealing sounds
Anu Allas

18 Fluxus East in Estonia Eha Komissarov interviewed by Eero Epner

21 Happenings and action art in Estonia Petra Stegman

22 Comment on a performance Toomas Velmet

24 Paintings of Ando Keskküla
Leonhard Lapin

28 Postmodern diversity in Estonian architecture in the 70s and 80s
Marieke van Rooy

32 Architects Urmas Muru and Peeter Pere
Interviewed by Margit Mutso

36 LOCATOR. Pakri Peninsula
Siiri Vallner, Indrek Peil

38 Searching for an Estonian design hit among the Brunos
Herke Vaarmann

41 From plough to stove
Johannes Saar

44 Pictures of fear and horror
Aare Pilv

46 Exhibitions

47 New films

48 New books

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