1 News
3 The Chairman goes to Venice An interview with Jaanus Samma and Eugenio Viola by Stacey Koosel
6 Work unsuitable, life unsuitable Anna Matveeva
9 Where do curators come from? Rael Artel
12 Home and Abroad – Raymond Pettibon and Marko Mäetamm A conversation between Alistair Hicks, Elo-Hanna Seljamaa, Marko M.etamm and Liina Siib
16 Comment: Two violent artists in Kumu, Home and Abroad Eha Komissarov
18 Power and pictures Eero Epner
20 Everybody talks about weather, music and politics! 13th Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space Kerttu M.nniste
23 Paradoxes of blending in performing arts Laur Kaunissaare
26 The ARTIST Kaarel Kurismaa Insert: An education Anu Vahtra
27 The small machine and friends Conversation with Kaarel Kurismaa
30 An attempt to summarise art Peeter Talvistu
33 Good Public Space Kalle Vellevoog
36 Architectural competition for the Arvo P.rt Centre Ra Luhse
39 Art life outside the capital city Gregor Taul
42 Taming fire in Kohila David Jones
45 Three visits to MoKS Gunnhildur Una Jónsdóttir
48 The art collection of Matti Milius Raivo Kelomees
50 Exhibitions
53 New books

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