2 The Identity-less community by Hasso Krull
6 The Modern-Day Ascetic by Hasso Krull
8 The sound of translation.  An interview with Maima Grīnberga by Veronika Kivisilla.
16 With love for children and respect to parents. An interview with the publisher Alīse Nīgale by Leelo Märjamaa
20 A faith that can be worded. An interview with Lauri Sommer by Triin Paja
26 Grandma’s Eve by Lauri Sommer
30 The golden era of Estonian short prose by Elle-Mari Talivee
34 Love and its preservation are life’s marrow. Ellen Niit and her poetry
by Maarja Undusk
40 5+5. A Conversation between poets Maimu Berg and Taavi Eelmaa
44 Poetry by Maimu Berg and Taavi Eelmaa
48 Book reviews by Siim Lill, Helena Läks and Jaanika Palm
58 Selected translations


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