2 Places of writing by Tiit Aleksejev
5 Hortus Conclusus by Tiit Aleksejev
8 Warmth and Peturbation. An interview with Eda Ahi by ELM.
16 Poetry by Eda Ahi
20 A Brief Guide to Toomas Nipernaadi’s Estonia by Jason Finch
24 The 2018 Turku Book Fair: Notes from the organiser by Sanna Immanen
28 Translator Danutė Giraitė: work = hobby = lifestyle
by Pille-Riin Larm
34 Poète maudit? An interview with Kristjan Haljak by Siim Lill
40 Poetry by Kristjan Haljak
42 Lyrikline – Listen to the poet. 20 years of spoken poetry
by Elle-Mari Talivee
44 Reeli Reinaus: From competition writer to true author
by Jaanika Palm
48 Marius, Magic and Lisa the Werewolf by Reeli Reinaus
52 Ene Mihkelson: “How to become a person? How to be a person?”
by Aija Sakova
56 Book reviews by Peeter Helme, Krista Kumberg, Elisa-Johanna Liiv, Siim Lill, Maarja Helena Meriste, and Tiina Undrits
70 Selected translations 2018

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