On March 17, Karin Pastak started her work as the coordinator for international relations at Estonian Institute. Karin has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with an MA degree and has previously worked as a coordinator of exhibition projects in the Art Museum of Estonia. Her experience covers several major international and Estonian exhibition projects, the most important being: “Border Poetics” (an Estonia 100 exhibition in The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow); “Creating the Self” (an exhibition of Finnish, Baltic-German and Estonian female artists); “Void and space” (a solo exhibition of Leonhard Lapin). Karin has gained further work experience in a digital UX agency DUX, where she- the project manager, scheduled and administered the daily work of a design team.

The main tasks of the external relations coordinator in the Estonian Institute include mediating the Estonian culture abroad together with partner organisations, initiating international business and cooperation projects and coordinating the work of EUNIC Tallinn and counselling Estonian branches abroad culturally.

The international relations coordinator position in Estonian Institute has been created in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Karin can be reached at:
+372 56 217 077